Horny Stepmoms and Eager Stepsons

Perv Mom really says it all doesn’t it and while it is yet another step-mom incest-esque site I kind of feel that there simply can;t be too many. It appeals to such a massive audience.

With two out of three marriages ending in divorce it is likely that the majority of us have and are growing up with step family these days probably making it the norm. I fall in this category too and I was lucky enough to have a pretty hot stepmom but not lucky enough to get any action in a sexual way.

Honestly that was probably lucky too ’cause my dad would have smacked me right the fuck out of my boots should I have ventured there. That doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize about it though.

So if you’re having some fantasies about your stepmom or simply reminiscing about the days when you were growing up and had a crush on her at some point or even if you’re just perv’ing out on it in general, this is the place for you.

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